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Our extensive range of microtunnelling heads and vehicles means that at Pezzimenti Trenchless we are equipped to deliver your project efficiently and effectively.

We run a full range of bore diameters, from 325mm up to 2800mm, with the ability to handle clay, stiff sands, mudstone, siltstone, sandstone and basalt. And with over 25 microtunnelling heads capable of accommodating any product pipe, including uPVC, concrete jacking pipes, Hobas jacking pipes, VC jacking pipes and poly pipe in any diameter, we are able to adapt to your project needs.

Our basalt capabilities range from 440mm up to 1850mm in diameter and our fleet of trucks includes two container truck set-ups, each with its own gantry and hoist for quick and efficient set-up, as well as four crane trucks that transport the drilling gear and provide the means for lowering and lifting the gear in and out of the shaft.

Pezzimenti Trenchless has also specially designed and built four vacuum trucks that provide the most efficient and quickest means of bringing the spoil up to the surface and into the vacuum truck itself or into interceptor tanks. We are also equipped for larger bores, utilising an auger system along with a bucket-lift system to remove spoil from the cutting face up to the surface to enable continuous drilling, ensuring your project moves forward in a timely way.

To ensure our equipment is fully operational for our clients, our extensive range of microtunnelling heads and vehicles are fully serviced in our own workshop so that any breakdown or necessary modification can be addressed instantly.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality equipment and setting the standard for the industry in terms of quality, care and development, allowing us to deliver outstanding results time and time again for our clients.

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